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From: Anastasia Chalkia
Sent: Δευτέρα, 31 Μαΐου 2021 7:25 μμ
To: Maria Leventi <info@diazoma.net>; crime@e-keme.gr
Subject: “Contemporary Societies in Motion”, 27-28/05/2021
“Dear Maria,
Thank you very much for your support all this time and the excellent cooperation.
I know you are talking to Martha, but I, on behalf of our Center, also wanted to thank you.
Everyone tells us the best about the organization of the conference and the communication they had with your company.
I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the near future.

From: Angela Rekers-Power
Sent: Δευτέρα, 26 Αυγούστου 2019 9:46 πμ
To: Maria Leventi <info@diazoma.net>
Subject: EECERA 2019
“Hello, EECERA Conference and Maria,
I just returned from Thessaloniki and wanted to say how wonderful I thought the conference was.
I found the organization and offerings in way of food, accommodation, transportation, helpful ‘Blue Shirts’, handy backpacks and conference books, etc. contributed to my enjoyment and ease of accessing everything that was offered.
And, of course, the wonderful keynote speakers and presentations/posters were very inspiring. Indeed, there were so many wonderful presentations to choose from, I was hard-pressed to decide which to attend; however, I was never disappointed with my choices. I return to my desk inspired and rejuvenated.
Thank you very much for all your hard work.
Best regards,
Angela Rekers
PhD Research Student”

From: Athanasios Grigoriadis
“It was a  pleasure to collaborate with Mrs. Leventi and the great team of “Diazoma” as I was the chair of the conference: European Early Childhood Education Research Association in August 2019. The organization of the conference was excellent and the collaboration with Mrs. Leventis was characterized by services of the highest level and professionalism. Besides, there were remarkably flattering comments from the total of almost a thousand delegates from the five continents of the planet.”
Athanasios Gregoriadis, Professor
Department of Early Childhood Education,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

From: Sidiropoulos, P.
3rd December 2018, Heraklion
“Dear Mrs. Leventi
Our cooperation with your company «Diazoma Conferences & Events» in order to create and organize a scientific event was successful and the whole experience was exceptional for us.
The services that you and your team offer, give a high sense of responsibility, effectiveness and professionalism.
We strongly recommend «Diazoma» for a high-level organization of Conferences and Events.
Υour sincerely,
Sidiropoulos, P.”

From: Simon Armstrong
Sent: Δευτέρα, 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018 1:58 πμ
To: Maria Leventi <info@diazoma.net>
Subject: Thank you!
“Good evening Maria,
I would like to say thank you again for all your help and support before and during the FOMO 2018 Summer School and Conference, I am happy to report that I made it back to England in one piece and the taxi trip from the Orthodox Academy to the Chania Airport arrived on time and went as expected. I think I speak for all participants at both events that none of FOMO, curricular or extra-curricular, would have run nearly as smoothly or even functioned at all without your dedication and hard work, so thank you very much!
Many thanks,
Simon Armstrong”

From: Oberthaler, Prof. Dr. Markus
Sent: Σάββατο, 15 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018 11:00 πμ
To: Maria Leventi <info@diazoma.net>
Subject: Many thanks
“Dear Maria,
thank you very much for all your help and organization. Yesterday night was a very nice experience – I hope we did not disturb the local people too much. If you have a chance please let them know that I thank them for their hospitality!
The very best – stuck at the airport but still smiling

From: Malkinson Ruth
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 08:43 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: Conference ICCBC 2016 – Efcharisto
“Dear Maria,
Just to say thank you! You have been wonderful in many ways and for all you have done and cared, a big thank you,
Best, Ruth
Ruth Malkinson, Ph.D. MITRA, Israeli Center of REBT 27 Gluskin St., Rehovot 76470, Israel www.mitra.co.il”

From: Nagele Ulrike
Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 10:48 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: Conference SOMATAI 2016
“Kalimera Maria, Thank you for your mail. We had a pleasant trip back to Jülich and everything went well. I would like to personally thank you most sincerely for all your hard work last week in ensuring that our SOMATAI conference was a big success! I very much appreciated all your support and organization skills; you showed a high level of commitment to us as your guests, in making sure the conference ran smoothly. It was a real pleasure to work with you and to get to know you better during the conference, and I will take away many happy memories of our stay on Crete. I will initiate the payment of the invoices at once after the receipt.
Best wishes from all the SOMATAI team and have a nice trip, Ulrike
Ulrike Nagele Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH c/o Ulrike Nagele ICS-3 52425 Julich Germany”

From: Ioanna Giannopoulou
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2016 12:52 PM
To:Maria Leventi
Subject: συνέδριο ΓΣΠ σε παιδιά και εφήβους 2016
“Thank you Maria! It was one of the best conferences, amazing organization with no problems. I hope the next one will be even better!
Kisses to everyone,
Ioanna Giannopoulou, Director National Health System,
Child psychiatrist, Mental Health Center, Peristeri, Chair of the 3rd Panhellenic Conference on Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches of Children and Teenagers 2016″

From: Tsamparli Anastasia
Sent: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 1:38 PM
To:Maria Leventi
Subject: συνέδριο κλινικής 2016
“Dear Maria,
I would like to congratulate you for your work. 
Our collaboration was amazing and we hope we will have the chance to collaborate again in the future.
Kind Regards,
Tessi Tsamparli, Professor of Clinical Psychology University of the Aegean
Chair of the 5th Panhellenic Conference on Clinical Psychology and Psychology of Health, ELPSE”

From: Wolf von Klitzing
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2014 4:22 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Cc: Wolf von Klitzing
Subject: 1000x thanks
“Dear Maria, dear Eleni,
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful conference!!!! 1000x thanks — without you FOMO-2014 would not have been what it was and FOMO-2016 would never happen.
Best wishes
Wolf von Klitzing
BEC and MatterWaves Group IESL-FORTH Crete, Greece”

From: Grammatikopoulos Vasilis
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2014 2:47 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: official letter
“Dear Mrs. Leventi,
Regarding our collaboration on the conduct of the 24th EECERA conference 2014 in Hersonissos Crete, I would like to remark the following: It really was a very significant experience collaborating with you before, during and after the conference as well. Your professionalism, your consistency, your eagerness to resolve the slightest issue, was unprecedented. As an academic I have participated in tens of international conferences of high prestige in many countries; I also have the experience of organizing conference and have participated in organization committees of many European and global conferences. In none of them so far have I encountered such integral organization and conduct of a conference. All the delegates were astonished and I am sure that they will remember forever the real concept of hospitality that they experienced in Crete the summer of 2014. As the president of the 24th EECERA 2014 conference, but also on behalf of the organization committee, I would like to thank you and your collaborators, personally for the marvelous job you did. I am wishing you all the best for the future and keep up the work you are doing with the same zest and appetence.
Sincerely yours
Vasilis Grammatikopoulos
Adjunct professor of the University of Crete
President of the 24th EECERA 2014 Conference”

From: lisa tc
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2014 1:24 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: Vesalius Conference Certificate of Speakers
“Dear Maria,
I would like to say thank you for all the great help you gave to me! It was a wonderful event, I felt so well looked after, and everything ran so smoothly – and I have no doubt that much of that was due to your hard work and organization. Not only that, but you were so lovely, kind, and friendly – it was a real pleasure to meet you, and your team! Thank you again for being the perfect hostess and for ensuring that everyone felt very much at home and had everything that they needed – good luck with all your future events, and I look forward to meeting you again one day!
all the best, kind regards,
Lisa Temple

From: Ruth Richardson
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 12:33 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: Re: Vesalius Conference Certificate of Speakers
“Dear Maria, It was a really good conference – everybody said so! Our memories of Zakynthos are warm and happy. It was my own first visit to Greece, and I will certainly return if I can. Please particularly thank Pablo, the historian of Zante, who showed us where the church stood before the earthquake, and the AV technicians who made my slides work perfectly on the day. Thank-you for all your hard work in making the whole event a splendid success. I hope that news of the statue will stimulate medical tourism to the island.
Kindest regards,
Dr. Ruth Richardson
Senior visiting research fellow

From: Gillian
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 6:48 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: Vesalius Continuum
“Dear Maria, Thank you very much to you and your team for all your hard work in making the Conference a great success. I would also like to say a big thank you on behalf of the Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain.
With very best wishes,
Gillian Lee Chairman,
Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain Gillian Lee Illustrations”

From: Becki Vesey
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 10:49 AM
To: Maria Leventi
Cc: Sean Delaney; Tony Bertram; Chris Pascal
Subject: RE: Crec – EECERA 2014
“Hi Maria,
All of the feedback we have received has been extremely positive, especially regarding the hospitality and organization, so thank you so much for yours and your team’s hard work. The team at the desk and the volunteers all did a fantastic job and this hugely contributed to the success and smooth running of the conference, so thank you to all of you for making it happen!
Thanks in advance for your work on the finance side of things – I’m sure Sean will let you know if there is anything specific that is needed with regards to this.
It was great to meet you and work with you, thank you for looking after us so well whilst we were in Crete! All the best for your next conference and I’m sure we will continue to correspond over the next few weeks until everything is finalized!
Kind regards,
Marketing and Events Manager at Centre for Research in Early Childhood Birmingham,
United Kingdom”

From: Sean Delaney
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 12:46 PM
To: Maria Leventi; Becki Vesey
Cc: Tony Bertram; Chris Pascal
Subject: RE: Courier for boxes Crec – EECERA 2014
“Thank you, Maria, – it was a pleasure to work with you and your team and we were absolutely delighted with how the conference ran –thank you for all your hard work – I hope you have had an opportunity to take a breath since!
Good luck with your conference in Chania.
Sean Delaney Assistant Director CREC,
St Thomas Children’s Centre, Bell Barn Road, Birmingham”

From: Sarina Razzak
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 1:42 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: Crec – EECERA 2014
“Dear Maria,
It was a real pleasure to meet you and your team of volunteers – they were a joy to work with and so welcoming and helpful. The organization of the conference was fantastic, and that’s mainly down to your hard work. So many congratulations on that!
I hope that you’ll get a few days of rest before you start organizing things for this other conference.
With best wishes,
Sarina EECERJ Administrator”

From: Eeva-Leena Onnismaa
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 2:21 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: Re: Accommodation for the EECERA
“Dear Maria! Thank you so much for your prompt response and for sorting out the case! I and my colleagues thank you (and the rest of your staff) once more for all your help and support before, during and after the conference.
Best regards,
Onnisma Eeva-Leena
University Lecturer University of Helsinki”

From: Brion Benninger
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2014 4:15 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: Vesalius Conference
“Thank you, thank you, thank you Maria for all your support at the conference. I appreciate your hard work and professionalism and I like that you can joke and have a good time.
Enjoy your next conferences.
Keep in touch.
Cheers, Brion
Brion Benninger MD MSc Professor,
Department of Medical Anatomical Sciences Department of
Neuromuscular Medicine Western University of Health Sciences, Lebanon, Oregon”

From: Ray Bits
Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2014 12:37 PM
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: lovely memories!
“Hi Maria. It was really great to get to know you, you are such a lovely person. I know all delegates have told you already but the job that you and Katerina did in looking after us was really appreciated. Theo and his ‘team’ really rock! Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the photos, they are already some of my best memories of 2014.
All the best,
Ray Evans Director of SRI Forensics Manchester”

From: Eufimia Tafa
Sent: 12/9/2014 18:24
To: Maria Leventi
Subject: Letter of Graditude – Ευχαριστήρια Επιστολή
Rethymno, 15/9/2014
“Dear Mrs. Leventi, As president of the faculty of Early Childhood Education of the University of Crete, but personally as well, I would like to thank you for your outright excellent organization of the EECERA conference, which was held in the conference venue of Creta Maris from 7 to 10 September 2014. All the delegates were impressed by the professionalism, decency and patience with which you dealt all their requests. With your care and attention, 800 people from all over the world had the chance to realize the Cretan hospitality, to know our land and to have the greatest impression of our country. I am wishing you always have the possibility and the chance to organize such events and to make our country stand deservedly abroad.
With Appreciation,
Efthimia Tafa,
Professor University of Crete, Campus of Rethymnon”

From: Pascale Pollier
Sent: Wednesday 10 September 2014 18:51
To: Eleni Andrianaki; Maria Leventi
Cc: Dirix Theo – Belgium – Athens; Mark Gardiner
Subject: Re: Vesalius Continuum Meeting
“Dearest Maria & Eleni, there are no words enough to express our appreciation for your wonderful work, help and support that you and Katerina have given us over these last few days! We very much enjoyed working with you and I will surely recommend you to many of my colleagues, and of course hope to work with you again. but in the meantime, let’s keep in touch!
Pascale Pollier-Green artem medicalis

From: Richard Mark Gardiner
“Dear Maria & Eleni,
I echo Pascale’s comments. Your organization was superb and all the delegates commented on the friendly efficiency with which you and Katerina organized the Vesalius Continuum conference. We could not have had a better team in charge. Many, many thanks. I was particularly grateful for the way in which you helped Martin Kemp, one of our important speakers. It was great and you should be proud of your achievement. Hope to see you in Crete one day.
best wishes
Richard Mark Gardiner
Royal Society Professor, University of Oxford”

From: Van Glabbeek, Francis
Sent: 10/9/2014 7:35
To: ‘Conferences Dept’ Subject:
RE: Vesalius conference – closing dinner hosted by the Town Hall of Zakynthos
“Dear Maria,
Hereby I wish to thank you and your team for the excellent work you did and above all for your kindness and devotion you showed us in organizing this congress!!
Very kind regards,
Francis Van Glabbeek, MD,
PhD Professor of Functional Anatomy and Orthopedics Department of Orthopedic Surgery
University Hospital Antwerp Belgium”

From: Pavlos Savvidis
Date: December 7th 2013 – 16:50:32 EET
To: ‘Conferences Dept’
Subject: Recommendation letter
“As a conference Chair, I would like to express my highest appreciation and gratitude to all of you with whose help and support we managed to turn the organization of the International conference on the Physics of Light Matter Coupling in Nanostructures (PLMCN 14) held in Hersonissos, Crete into a truly successful event. Having friendly professional support team of Ibis at my hand at every step of preparation process has been of outmost importance in organizing this event. While your team is sorting out accommodation, registration and submission of the manuscripts from hundreds of conference participants you are able to focus on the most crucial aspect of the preparation including the choice of invited speakers and conference scientific program. The technical stuff literally provided 24hour support for electronic website maintenance and evaluation process which is done though a state of the art platform making the work of the evaluators easy and convenient. Of the foremost importance has been the cultural program prepared through a rigorous screening process without restrictions and made to match the highest expectations of the conference participants. Once the targets are set your team is there to make it a smooth ride for you. Cost saving without compromising the success of the event has been the philosophy throughout the preparation process. Without a doubt, I strongly recommend your team to make it a truly unforgettable experience for you and all the conference participants!
Conference Chair
Pavlos Savvidis
Researcher at FORTH-IESL and Associate Professor at Department of Materials Science and Technology,
University of Crete.”

From: Evangelos C. Karademas
Associate Professor of Clinical Health Psychology
Rethymnon, October 7th, 2011
“Dear Mrs Leventi,
On behalf of the organizers of the 25th European Health Psychology Conference, I would like to cordially thank you and the members of your team, for managing our conference in an outstanding and really professional way. The annual European Health Psychology Conference was held this year in Hersonissos, September 20-24, 2011, and was organized by the Department of Psychology, University of Crete and the Division of Clinical and Health Psychology of the Hellenic Psychological Society. More than 900 participants attended our Conference, a fact that renders it as the larger so far in the history of the European Health Psychology Society. Furthermore, it seems to be one of the more successful in all aspects: the scientific and the social program, the facilities, accommodation etc. I believe that your contribution to the remarkable success of the Conference was catalytic. From the moment that we undertook the responsibility of organizing the Conference, until the very last second of the Conference your assistance was unique and most effective. Not just the organizers, but also every delegate had only good things to say for you as a person, your associates, and the entire organization endeavor. Therefore, I would like once more to express my gratitude to you and your company for the excellent collaboration. Looking forward to our next cooperation,
Evangelos C. Karademas,
PhD Conference President Gallos, 74100 Rethymnon.”

From: Maboe Mokgobi
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 3:50 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Hi Maria, thank you very much for organizing accommodation and transport for us and I must say that I enjoyed my stay in Crete.
I must also say that in my opinion, the entire convention was well organized.
Once again, thank you
Maboe Mokgobi (in South Africa)”

From: David Manier
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 3:47 AM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Dear Maria,
I would like to send you my personal thanks and appreciation for all that you did, of course for everyone else, but in particular for me.
You are a kind and warm person, and more than anything else, this matter. I will be in Crete during the coming year, so I hope that perhaps our paths may cross again.
Very warm wishes to you and to all you hold dear,
David Manier,
Ph.D. Assoc. Professor,
Dept. of Psychology Lehman College – City University of New York”

From: M.R.Crone
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 3:54 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Dear Maria, Thank you for everything. I have found a very inspiring and well-organized conference. Besides it was my first time in Greece and I liked it very much.
Best wishes,
Matty Dr. M.R. Crone
Leiden University Medical Center Department of Public Health and Primary Care”

From: Cserhati Zoltan
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 2:32 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Dear Maria,
I’d like to send my appreciation and congratulation for every member of the organizing team.
It was a fantastic, memorable event, both the scientific and the social programs were great.
Thank you very much and congratulations,
Zoltan Cserhati from Hungary”

From: Gjalt-Jorn Ygram Peters
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 12:08 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Hey Maria, thank you – I also enjoyed it a lot, it was great visiting Greece and Crete in particular! Thank you for having organized everything so outstandingly.
Kind regards,
Gjalt-Jorn Peters Work & Social Psychology,
faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience, Maastricht University”

From: Pamela Naidoo
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 11:37 AM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Dearest Maria
Thank you for your hospitality. I know that you tried your best
Take care and all the best Pamela
Professor Pamela Naidoo
Head: HIV and TB Co-Infection
SBBI: Social, Behavioural & Biomedical Interventions Unit HIV/AIDS,
Sexually Transmitted Infections & TB (HAST)”

From: Lena Fleig
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 9:32 AM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Dear Maria,
thanks so much for organizing such a wonderful conference and for your invaluable support for the CREATE-team.
attached please find a snapshot (of the two of us) from the conference dinner (which was so much fun!)
best wishes,
Lena Fleig”

From: Kevin McKee
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 11:39 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Dear Maria, Thank you for your wishes.
I would like to say that I found you and your colleagues extremely welcoming and helpful during the conference, and that the organization was exceptionally good.
best wishes,
Kevin McKee Professor of Gerontology,
Dalarna University & Dalarna Research Institute”

From: Sheila Murta
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 9:22 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Dear Maria, It was indeed an enormous pleasure to attend to EHPS in Crete!
Congratulations for the great hospitality, beautiful country and excellent facilities!
You can be sure that all of us will keep great memories of this congress and Greek people.
Best regards,
Sheila Murta (from Brazil)”

From: Bernard Rimé
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 4:02 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Dear Maria,
I tremendously enjoyed the conference, the location, and everything around. Thank you so much for all the efforts you have put in it. It was an exceptional success in every regard.
With my grateful regards,
Bernard Rimé”

From: Sabrina Cipolletta
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 1:32 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“I wanted to thank you for your great job: the organization was excellent!
Sabrina Cipolletta,
PhD Assistant professor
University of Padova Department of General Psychology”

From: Faulkner Sue
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 1:06 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: EHPS 2011-Crete
“Hi Maria, Thank you for all your hard work in organizing the conference. I can speak for all of us from the University of Glamorgan in saying that we found it to be an interesting and enjoyable Conference and we all have very fond memories of our time in Crete. We particularly enjoyed the conference dinner and the venue for this was spectacular.
Thank you once again.
Sue Faulkner

From: Yael Benyamini
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 11:53 PM
To: Vangelis Karademas; Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: Conference EHPS 2011 outputs
“Dear Vangelis and Maria,
I would like to thank you both again for the successful conference and for providing us with the one thing that is never explicitly written in any contract: Peace of mind.
Maria, I felt that you were doing your best not only to fulfill a list of tasks but to truly understand our needs and wishes and provide us with the best conference experience.
Thank you!
Best wishes,
Prof. Yael Benyamini
Bob Shapell School of Social Work Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv 69978 ISRAEL”

From: Paraskeuas Lalousis
Date: Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 3:29 PM
Subject: EPS Conference
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
“The European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics is being held every year in a different European city. The Conference is a prime international forum for the dissemination of recent results in all areas of plasma physics. The 2008 EPS Conference on Plasma Physics was held in Hersonissos, Crete, Greece, at the Creta Maris Conference Center, on June 9-13th 2008. The Conference was organized by the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser FORTH and the Association EURATOM-Hellenic Republics. The P.C.O. did an excellent job, very professional, in organizing the Conference. The buses were on time, the scientific presentations were coordinated without a hitch, the social events were superb with plenty of wine. Some of the comments I received, regarding the Conference were: “I have been to all EPS Conferences since 1973, this was the best ‘, “there was nothing more to be done to improve the organization of the Conference”. I would like to thank Mrs Maria Leventi and her colleagues for the excellent job she and her group did for EPS2008.
Paraskevas Lalousis
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee for EPS2008.”

From: Jo Lister
Date: Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 9:43 AM
Subject: EPS Conference
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
“Maria, Many thanks to you and your team for the work you put into our conference. I meant what I said in the closing ceremony – I do not say that often, indeed sometimes it would be the opposite… You run a very professional group, and your colleagues enjoy themselves – perfect. Please repeat my thanks to Silke for an excellent week before the conference too.
It will surely not be long before we return to Crete,
Dr Jo Lister
Adjoint Scientifique à la Direction”

From: Elvira Masoura
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 5:08 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: Re: Cognitive Psychology Conference
“Dear Maria, I did not have the time to meet you before leaving and greet you and your colleagues.
I would like to thank you a lot for everything. The conference had a big success and I have very good remarks from my colleagues and students
Thank you, Elvira”

From: stav moustaiz
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2008 9:09 AM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: Re: for EPS 2008
“Dear Mrs Leventi,
Our conference had a big success. I participated recently in two workshops and all delegates were expressing their satisfaction, especially the English ones, which are more “difficult”.
You have contributed a lot to this result and we are grateful.
With my kind regards,
Stavros Moustaizis
Secretary of the Local Organizing Committee”

From: Dr. Ariadni Stogiannidou
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee
3rd Panhellenic Conference on Clinical and Health Psychology 2007
“Dear Mrs Leventi,
With the happy end of the “3rd Panhellenic Conference of Clinical and Health Psychology 2007”, which was held at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki from the 9th until the 11th of November 2007, I would like to express my “thanks” to your agency and to you personally for the perfect organization. Your agency contributed essentially to the success of this operation. During the preparation and the conference process as well as, after, during all settlements of financial issues, your assistance was valuable.
I kindly ask you to accept the appreciation of all members of the Organizing Committee.
The President of the Organizing Committee
Dr. Ariadni Stogiannidou”

From: Dr. Evangelos Karademas
Chair of the Local Organizining Committee of Psyche-Fedora 2007
“Dear Mrs Leventi,
I address you this letter, because I would like to thank you personally as well as all your partners for your contribution at the organization of the European Conference Psyche-Fedora 2007, which was held at the Psychology Dept of the University of Crete at Rethymnon, 5-8 September 2007. Our conference has been a big success and all delegates were satisfied. Everybody had the best impression on the organization of the conference, the website, the registration, the accommodation, the transfers. I hope to have in the future the opportunity to collaborate with you again. Sincerely Yours,
Evangelos Karademas”

From: International Association for Relationship Research 2006
Local Organization Committee
“Dear Maria,
With this letter I would like to thank you for all the good work that significantly contributed to the success of the conference given the very difficult circumstances in June.
Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Konstantinos Kafetsios
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2006 IARRC
Psychology Dept, University of Crete”

From: Wayne Denton
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 6:02 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: Thanks! – IARRC 2006
“Hello Maria,
I want to thank you and your agency for all of the help you provided us in our recent trip to Crete and Greece! The post-conference arrangements all took place smoothly and without problem. We rode the public bus to Heraklion and caught the Flying CAT and had a nice ride to Santorini – such a beautiful place (as was Crete) that we hope to return to. Our flight to Rodos and then from Rodos back to Athens also were smooth. We had the trip of a lifetime and are appreciative of your help – we brought some Nescafe and Ouzo back to help us remember our trip until we can return! Thanks again and best wishes,

From: Phil Shaver
Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2006 1:30 AM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: RE: IARRC 2006
“Maria, before getting sucked back into my workaholic life, I want to thank you, for all you did to make the IARR conference such a pleasure. It was an excellent conference in every respect: facilities, quality of the presentations, atmosphere, participants’ morale, and a lot of that had to do with how well everything was organized, the beauty of Crete, the quality of the special events, and so on. And I know you put out a lot of energy and good judgment to make it all happen.
Phillip R. Shaver, PhD Distinguished Professor of Psychology Department of Psychology University of California, Davis”

From: Beverley Fehr
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 10:10 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: Re: IARRC 2006
“Dear Maria,
How nice to hear from you! It was such a pleasure to meet you. You did a great job on the conference! I really appreciate all of the work you did and extra accommodations you made for me and my family. We had such a wonderful time. I loved Greece and can hardly wait to come back! Thank you so much. I hope the rest of your summer has been less busy (although I can’t imagine you not working hard)!
Warm regards,
Bev Beverley Fehr
Past President IARR”

From Infocomm
“Dear all, We would like to thank you again for your perfect cooperation during our Board Meeting and truly enjoyed our unique Cretan experience and we will forever have sweet and lovely memories of the warm and nice Greek people! They all continue to say it was a great trip and everyone enjoyed visiting the beautiful and romantic Santorini island. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you. I will keep you informed of any future business we may be planning in Greece. And, maybe someday I can welcome you to the U.S.
Efharisto! And, enjoy the rest of your summer.
Yvette Robinson Manager, External Programs infoComm – International Communications Industries Association”

From: Liss Starup Friis
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 2:26 PM
To: Maria Leventi – Incentives & Conferences
Subject: ECFS 2005
“Dear Maria, First of all, I want to thank you and all the other staff for a very good co-operation, assistance and help which was done not only professional but also very personally so all the delegates and ICS staff felt very well treated and taken care of even if we felt rather stressed the first days. I hope we will have the possibility of working together another time. I hope you have a little time to relax now before the next event. We landed in Copenhagen yesterday on time scheduled, even if we were delayed about one hour from Crete.
Med venlig hilsen/Yours sincerely
Liss Starup Friis ICS A/S Copenhagen”

From Mrs Santa Nousia-Arvanitaki
President of the Conference ECFS 2005
“Dear Mrs Leventi,
Your participation in the organization of the European Conference of Cystic Fibrosis in Crete assisted in its success.
Everyone’s comments were favorable in reference with the scientific program, the organization, the service of the participants and the hospitality.
Professor S. Nousia-Arvantitaki
President ECFC 2005 Aristotle University – Medical Dept”

From ECFS Association
“Hi Maria, As always, a bit behind in correspondence, but I just wanted to add my voice to all the thanks that must have come your way for the superb job done on the ECFS Crete Conference. It was a great pleasure to work with you and your colleagues on the project, and clearly the delegates were happy. I also think it is was fantastic that you offered to give the introduction to the Dance group at the Opening Ceremony, and did a wonderful job with that. I guess you are busy preparing for other conferences, but who knows, perhaps our paths will cross again…I would like to think so. Thank you again for the great cooperation.
Best wishes
Sarah Young
Ecfs Secretarial”

From Res Seminars
“Hi Maria, Thank you for your message and photos. I was very impressed with you and your staff. Thank you for a tremendous job with our ICP meeting. Our colleagues are still talking about what a wonderful time we had in Crete.
Best Regards,
Eben Yancey RES Seminars”

From TQ3 Travel Solutions
“Dear Maria,
The DVV-LAP incentive trip worked out extremely well and it’s a great pleasure to convey our deepest thanks to the smashing success of the entire operation. Everything went very well and our client was of course, delighted with the result. Please extend my sincere thanks to Dominique Mastoraki for making our groups an overwhelming success and also thank the hotel staff of Marina Palace for making our guests feel welcome and giving them a feel for genuine Greek courtesy and hospitality. It would be a pleasure to work with you all in the future. Maria, thanks again for the terrific organization and cooperation and I hope to get a chance to work together again soon!
Elsie De Winter
Coordinator Meetings & Incentives
TQ3 Travel Solutions”